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Bridging Language and Culture Gaps in Portuguese, Spanish and English

Translation is not a matter of words only: it is a matter of making intelligible a whole culture.

Anthony Burgess 

Professional translation and interpreting services

Why ELS?


Our translations are accepted by the UK and Spanish authorities


We work with a wide network of native professionals to ensure that your message will be conveyed accurately


Our translators and interpreters are highly qualified in Portuguese, Spanish and English


We understand the jargons. We have professional experience in the industries we operate


We focus on the markets we know best

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Outstanding quality language services

Translation and interpreting involve far more than just replacing words in one language with those of another. Unlike machine translation apps, our qualified linguists understand cultural nuances and know how to convey your message accurately and appropriately.

Good translations read like original pieces of writing in the target language, with accurate transfer of information and the right tone.
Likewise, qualified interpreters are trained to convey a message verbally from one language into another using the correct interpreting techniques depending on the setting.  



We are experts in Certified Translation from Portuguese and Spanish into English in the UK.  This type of translation is also known  as  Sworn Translation or Official Translation in other countries.

Our translations are accepted by British authorities: Home Office, UK Visas and Immigration, Department for Work and Pensions, UK ENIC, universities, law firms, and many more.

We translate legal documents: marriage certificates, divorce decrees, birth certificates, passports, diplomas, bank statements, ID cards, etc.

We also provide Sworn Translations from English into Spanish for official purposes in Spain

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When it comes to financial and business translation, i n-depth knowledge and understanding of the documentation, regulations and terminology in the target language is crucial.

We have proven expertise  in the corporate, financial, and banking sector.  Because we understand the jargons  and concepts,  our financial translations are accurate, concise and reliable.

We work with a team of expert translators to ensure that the translated  documents will comply with the highest standards.

We specialise in :
Capital Markets, Economics, Banking, Investor Relations Communications, Financial Statements, Press Releases, Corporate Announcements, Notices to Shareholders, Reports, Presentations, Corporate Handbooks, Internal Communications, etc. 

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We translate promotional and advertising content with a difference:  we do transcreation.

Transcreation or creative translation goes beyond translation. We can rewrite your content capturing your brand voice tailoring it to the local market.  Your message will be conveyed with the appropriate tone and style, making sense to your target audience, addressing cultural nuances.  

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We translate websites, apps and software with a difference: we do localisation

Your content will be translated and adapted to the local market, taking into account linguistic, cultural, commercial and technical issues.
If you want to reach new markets, expand your business and presence in other regions or countries, localisation is the best option!  

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Consecutive interpreting

We provide Consecutive and Liaison Interpreting between Portuguese and English.

We can facilitate effective communication between clients and service providers in different settings in the UK.

We always work in an impartial and confidential manner.

We specialise in health, immigration, benefits and business meetings:   NHS, Home Office, HMRC, companies, charities, and many more.  

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