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Consecutive Interpreting

We are based in England and ​provide Consecutive & Liaison Interpreting between Portuguese into English and vice-versa.

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Consecutive interpreting is the process of conveying a message verbally in another language. In this instance, the interpreter starts to interpret after the speaker pauses.

Often, consecutive interpreting involves Liaison Interpreting, when the interpreter needs to liaise between two or more people who do not speak each other’s language. The interpreter conveys the message orally between two languages.

Our founder and director, Arlete Moraes, is a qualified consecutive interpreter .

We can facilitate effective communication between clients and UK service providers with impartiality and confidentiality in different settings.

We specialise in:

Health (NHS), Immigration (Home Office), Benefits (HMRC), Business meetings (companies), NGOs, charities (meetings).

Types of Consecutive & Liaison we can provide:

Telephone Interpreting

Remote Interpreting

Face-to-face Interpreting

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